Me@Dia: Beacon

Hiii! I am Weihe Li, also called by the name Leanne.

I am a interdisciplinary designer and artist who practices graphic design, branding, interactive arts, physical installation and more.

My artistic practice and interests lie in exploring the fundamental form of interactivity and its power in connecting the stories of space, people and cultural. I firmly believe that through interactive and immersive experiences, we can transcend the conventional concepts of space and time, revealing the hidden layers and patterns in everyday life. By examing society in the relationships between places, activities and human from different perspectives and “digging“ beneath its apparent surface, I envision an undefined space to be experienced collectively, leading to a future that is “tangible”. This is something I am looking forward to explore further!

For some personal interests, I love to play immersive theater and escape room, as how a simulated world and life can be experienced tangibly. And I am also a fan of mystery and forensic novels, series and comics, drawn to the portrayal of the most emtional, brutal and honest sides of human nature.