Capturing The Moment


Capturing The Moment

Physical Installation, Interactive, Pattern Study

Physical Computing, PDLC Smart Glass, Wood
Umbrella Skeleton

Capturing the moment is a site-specific interactive physical installation that explores the traces of human behavior in public squares. By visualizing and connecting individual paths through its blades, it forms a visual dialogue between the individual and the collective, capturing the rhythm of the city. Envisioned as a way of exploring transient interactions, it stems from my interest in the nature of fluidity, fostering a tangible connection between individuals, collectives and their surroundings through the visualization of these shared, visible traces. This project seeks to transform the modern public square back into spaces of connection. In its origins it's a place of gathering.


Demonstration Video︎︎︎

Interaction in a real environment.

Simulated Trace︎︎︎

These diagrams illustrate the transformation of traces from people's original random line patterns to when they walk or stop under the installation, which a new trace is visualized through the blades.

Original trace of the movement 

How trace is connected through the blades.
Trace illusrated by the blades.

Rendering Display︎︎︎

This is a rendering of how it will be look like with multiple installations.




Technical Detail︎︎︎