The Park Bench


The Park Bench

Immersive Experience, Interactive Video, Sensor

Google Earth Studio, Google Map, After Effects, Twotone, Touch Designer, Arduino, Photoshop

Data/Image Credits
NYPD Parks Crime Statistics CSVs,,,,,,,,,,

The Park Bench is an interactive and immersive experience invites the audience to experience the dual nature of park through the agency of park bench. Reconstructing the narrative of park by visualizing crime data and information specifically at park bench locations, it challenges audience's usual perception of the urban green space through layers of data, interactive behavior and narration in a seemingly familiar environment to reflect on the indetermined meaning of the mere "location" - the park bench.

Crime serves as a distinct layer within society, often perceived as disorderly and anomalous. While individual incidents may appear random and chaotic, they are not isolated occurrences but integral parts of our daily lives. Continuing with my interests in exploring the inherent relationship between reorrcured events and the location, I strove to find out the underlying message behind those singular events. By exploring park and the hot spot location of crime, the park bench, it signifies a deeper bonds between series of parts that defining the location of park, which includes the social infrustucture, the people, the behvaior and the result of the place itself. Each of them are in the parts of the whole system.

Through this project, I wish to incorporate the disordered events as a whole in looking at our society and wish to raise another thinking towards the public that when confronted with instances of crime, can we adopt a different perspective? Should we consider a more holistic approach in our interaction with society? This project encourages us to think beyond the surface and contemplate how we, as a collective, can better navigate the complex dynamics of our shared spaces.


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