The Space In-Between

The Space In-Between

Immersive Space, Audio-Reactive, Digital

Touchdesigner, 3D Models

“The house derives reserves and refinements of intimacy from winter; while in the outside world, snow covers all tracks… The dreamer of houses knows and senses this, and because of the diminished entity of the outside world, experiences all the qualities of intimacy with increased intensity.” (The poetics of space p40)

The Space Inbetween is an audio-reactive immersive environment inspired by the cozy ambiance of being at home on a typhoon and rainy day and listening to the white noise of raindrops and winds. The primary objective is to create a healing space that portrays this comforting experience.

The whole environment pictures a cozy sanctuary at its core, in between the chaotic and extreme exterior—how outside intensity turns the inside a place of peace and relief. 

Looking ahead, I intend to create more interactive elements, further enhancing user engagement and elevating the overall immersive experience of The space In-between and looking forward to bring it to live exhibition spaces.


Part 1
A project board in the background. Initially developed in a separate file, it incorporates multiple layers of rain and flowers, with attention to texture and effects. Through audio feedback, synchronized with the beats, a visual unfolds: a black flower blooms atop the composition.

Part 2
A 3D window and bed, both moving at a slow pace to evoke a gentle sense of wind, contributing to the overall cozy atmosphere.

Part 3
A water floor, designed to convey intensity and complexity, enriching the immersive quality of the space.

Part 4
Multiple layers of raindrops generated with particles within TouchDesigner. The middle layer dynamically responds to sound, transitioning between the heavy rain to the gentle pattern of small droplets.


Interactive Camera Filter︎︎︎

Motion Pieces︎︎︎

The Full Moon

Inspired by David Hockney’s pool painting